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Remember that time…

Do you remember your school photographs?  They’re hard to forget, especially if you see them un-changed on grandma’s mantlepiece for decades after the event.

Help our Angels capture those “school photo” moments by tagging us in your social media and you’ll get 2-hrs free on your next booking.

Pulling Faces

At 3 Minute Angels, our workplace is your workplace – and working with our hands as we do makes taking a picture a practical challenge.  This means we miss all those faces you pull during a massage.

Sometimes we can capture a photo of you post massage.

You Rub Our Back And We’ll Rub Yours

If you have booked 3 Minute Angels for an event or corporate function, there’s more than enough reason to capture the special moments between Angels and Recipients.  You can use this for your post-event debrief or company Facebook group to lighten up everyone’s day.

However, in this day and age, “If it didn’t happen on social media, did it happen at all?

We’d like you to tag us @3MinuteAngels or use #3MinuteAngels while we give relaxation to your staff or attendees.

You can find us on LinkedInTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

If you tag us on your photos in any of these channels, then you’ll get 2-hrs free on your next booking with 3 Minute Angels.

This offer is available for a limited time so