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It’s Chemistry

You know when people say, “They have chemistry.” It’s actually for real!

Just like when you are getting a massage, your body releases a chemical in the bloodstream called Oxytocin.  Oxytocin is the “love drug”.


It’s Natural

Oxytocin is the chemical reward for the body when the brain trusts another person.

Our nature is naturally to be risk-adverse and not to tru3 Minute Angels - It must be lovest.

The brain is hardwired to spot threats on the savanna that may want to eat us.

These days, becoming another animal’s lunch is not much of a risk, but the brain still wants to avoid embarrassment, guilt and shame with the same keenness.

The other thing that kept us from being eaten is being a “social animal” – we live in families and communities that protect us.  We bond with infants for years until they are self-sufficient so they’ll look after us in our older years.

The chemical rewards we get and the emotional pay-off for this “sociability” is oxytocin.



Get Connected

Oxytocin is released when people touch and a connection has been rewarded.  It happens with each Halo Massage that we at 3 Minute Angels provide.

It is the “love drug” – the reward for trust  – and a biological need in all of us.

If you’d love to shower your team with oxytocin or your guests then please Get In Touch (pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022