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What type of Break did you have?

There is double meaning to the word ‘break’.

One meaning is positive, as one has refueled, refocused and ready to go hard and fast (again).

The other is negative, as one is broken, exhausted and no longer able to do what they once did.

So, what type of break did you have?

A Personal Story

We just recently returned from a month-long break where we traveled to the UK to see family.  It was an amazing experience and totally different to the normal day to day required by 3 Minute Angels.

The 19,000 kms back to Australia is exhausting at the best of times, but we limped through customs and border security (not just metaphorically as a torn tendon meant crutches throughout the trip for my better half) as the final leg on China Eastern Airlines was a nightmare (avoid them if you can).

We escaped the airport to the car, which upon starting momentarily… then suddenly died.

4.5 hours, 2 x NRMA response vehicles and tow truck later we had to admit defeat and book into a hotel.

We had managed to get 19,000kms but not the final 100 kms back to the central coast (where we live).

The car was broken, and so now were we.

Hence, the thinking behind this blog post…

Good Break

The tiredness will pass but the memories of the holiday will last.  Enthusiasm for work is actually very high and so all in all, the break won’t affect work beyond the 24-hour delay in starting.  It was a bloody good break.

Bad Break

However, it’s probably because when it comes to working at 3 Minute Angels, I love it.

Statistically speaking I’m in the minority.  84% of people  feel “ho-hum” or actively dis-engaged with their work.

That means some of the people sitting around you at work are now wishing they were somewhere else.

Some of your colleagues will be returning to work resentful, spiteful and ‘broken’.

Will they stay or will they go now?

Statistically speaking, January and February is when a lot of people are deciding to ‘move on’.  They decide to “break up” with their role / boss / current company because the holiday break showed them they were in a broken relationship and they were no longer willing to put up with it.

In a way those are the lucky ones.  They’re actively making a change in their circumstances.

The unlucky ones are the ones that feel that way, but due to financial security, confidence or whatever it is, they feel they can’t make that move.  They are now sitting at work hating it and themselves (or at least their situation).

Next Steps

With the knowledge that returning to work can be the breaking point for many, we believe that many workplaces would be wise to start the year with massages.

For those who loved their break and love the return to work it will re-affirm why they love their work.

For those who loved their break and are unhappy about their return to work, it will provide some well deserved thinking time and perspective as well as feeling good.

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