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A Divine Time

Imagine someone at work describing their mood as: ‘Divine’ …Sounds wrong doesn’t it? …well at least whilst being legal, healthy and ethical.

How about if I said: “Putting someone in a Divine mood takes just 5-minutes to work for nearly everyone”… pure madness right?

The Proof Is In The Results

Imagine no longer.  This is exactly what happens when you hire 3 Minute Angels.

3 Minute Angels - The proof is in the results

Before and after a massage we ask recipients to describe their mood.

In the above graphic the tall blue spikes are all the people reporting their mood as ‘Divine’.

Repeatable Results

We see these tall blue spikes frequently.

3 Minute Angels - Repeatable results

If you would like to make your office or event feel Divine then Get In Touch (pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022.