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Last-Minute Massages

As Corporate Gifts go 3 Minute Angels is kind-a perfect.

Not only does the gift of massage actually make people feel good.

It is non-polluting, non-toxic, gluten-free, non-alcoholic, religion-free and deliverable as an elegant gift certificate.

Why the Halo Massage is a great gift idea: 12 benefits of 3MA as a gift

Are Your Forgetful?

  • Did you forget to thank your staff?
  • Have all your important suppliers being acknowledged?
  • Do you have people working twice as hard to cover for those who are on holidays?

But, I Need A Personal Gift – Not A Team Gift

We’ve got you covered if you want to buy 1-hr massage for special individuals – or if you want to buy a shorter duration massages for a team.

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Our presence is the present. Thanks for making us your choice when it comes to feeling Divine - 3 Minute Angels