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What A Year

Check out this “tongue in cheek” review of all the fads and meme’s of 2017.

With Thanks

It is with a full heart that we wish to thank our clients – of course, without you all we wouldn’t have a business.


But we also want to thank our Angels – because without them we wouldn’t have a product or the great experiences our clients get to experience.

Last but not least we want to thank the tireless work of the management team who pull it all together for both Clients and Angels.

  • Satya – Our Director, IT Guru, Systems and Sanity
  • Jen – Our GM – without whose organisation, integrity and focus the whole business would grind to halt
  • Mark – Our National AM – Who apart from being our sense of fun is also our largest organiser of massages
  • Bert – NSW AM – whose sense of loyalty, purpose and teamwork makes the team work
  • Gladys – Our People & Platforms Manager – who has skillfully, thoroughly and thoughtfully helped us bring on every Angel and make them the best they can be
  • Abi – Our Roster Manager, Marketing Assistant and budding film director

To all of you – thank you and may 2018 be even more Awesome.

Awesome 2017 Best of Video