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How Do You Measure Success?

There’s an old saying that goes: what you measure matters”

When our clients talk about having a great culture, how do they measure that?

When our clients talk about having wellness at work, how do they measure that?

Let’s be clear, we are not saying we have all the answers at 3 Minute Angels.

Like our clients, we’re not sure if 360 reviews, quarterly reports, anonymous surveys, points based incentive schemes or external studies provide the answer (or accurate measurement).

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Why Not Just Ask Your Staff?

When our Angels work with individual recipients, the first thing they do before anything else is ask: “How do you feel?”

Of course, we then ask about insurance, personal pressure preferences and provide the massage.  At the end of the interaction we ask them: “How do you feel now?”

The difference between the responses is the difference we have made.

After Massage Mood

Can We Help?

If you think your team could do with a mood lift, if you think wellness might improve the mood in the office, if you think some personal attention and a short message could lift spirits across everyone, then massage is a great way to do that.

If you want the results reported then the only massage company to do that is 3 Minute Angels.  So, Get In Touch (pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022

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