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Want Cooperation?

If your workplace relies on the coordinated work of many people, then you’ll be familiar with this saying:

“You massage my back and I’ll massage yours”

We use the term massage figuratively to describe our desire for a win-win deal that gets both parties working together.


Want to make something painful seem a little better?

When you bang your shin on the tow-bar of a car, what is your first reaction?  Is it to give it a rub?

When you require extra hours from staff, do you offer an incentive?

Is your first reaction to call 3 Minute Angels?  Perhaps it should be – Get In Touch (pardon the pun).


Want to be remembered?

When you’re one of a hundred exhibitors at a trade-show, how do you attract and remain top-of mind?

Just being there isn’t enough.

This is the question every exhibitor must ask themselves.

Massage is a way to stay top-of-mind with delegates.  Why?

Because massage feels good (sometimes even Divine) and these good feelings get projected from you (the recipient) to the exhibitor, meaning the exhibitor will be remembered when you’ve walked past and forgotten all the other stands at the trade-show.


Rubbed the right way

Our language reflects our truth.

We use the word ‘massage’ when talking about cooperation because, at a personal level, when you make someone feel good they want to make you feel good in return.

We even teach kids this…

Massage circle

At 3 Minute Angels we can help you get cooperation from the people who you need.  Give us a call.  No job is too big for us.  Get In Touch on 1300 662 022