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Picking a Winner

Spring Carnival is upon us and for some Corporates attending the actual races, it will literally cost millions to entertain clients, employees and other stakeholders.

Comparatively few companies (and people) attend the races in person.  The majority will be just giving everyone a few hours off and some patience on Wednesday morning.

But, “time is money” and so this will result in some indirect cost to the business.

Is this use of funds and employee time good or bad?  Who knows.

At 3 Minute Angels, we’ve certainly enjoyed being in attendance (see photos below) and we are booked solid massaging companies that are watching from their local “watering hole”.

What we do know is:

If your company – or culture – demands something different.  Then give massage a go.  Massage gives the same mood-lift as gambling without the down-sides and costs.

You can use us at the races or instead of the races.

Get in touch (pardon the pun) if you think we can help 1300 662 022

Melb Cup

Satya and Wardy MC