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The ‘Nudge’

3 Minute Angels can help you improve employee engagement by giving each group of workers a ‘nudge’ in the right direction.  We call it a nudge because it’s just a momentary opportunity to change the “normal state” of the office.

However, it works like this:

  1. The Engaged Workers Get A Thank You
  2. The Ho-Hum Workers Get A Mood Lift
  3. The Pissed Off Workers Get A Place To Vent

Employee Engagement Crisis

You probably know about the “Employee Engagement Crisis” via your own workplace or conversations with others.  But study after study says the same.

It breaks down roughly like this: 25% of people are engaged 50% don’t care about their work and 25% are actively disengaged. This last group hates their work.

In all, the costs of “presenteeism” alone comes to $33Bn Annually.

Nudge in teh right direction

Helping Those Already Engaged

If you already have engaged staff in a workplace, then you want to keep them that way.  Saying “thank you” makes sense.

Your most effective method for doing this would be having every direct manager telling every direct report personally, “thank you”.  But this type of activity is hard for managers to execute in the best of times.  Where as Angels can say “thank you” to all whilst they massage.

Helping Those That Are ‘Ho-Hum’

If you have the majority of your workplace in this category then most people are doing just enough to get by and keep their job, but not a great deal more.  It’s clear that this group is where you could have the greatest impact.

The potential exists to turn these “ho-hum” attitudes into “heave-ho” attitudes.  The impact on the business would be immediate.

One of the best ways to help this group is to provide some ‘meaning’ and non-financial incentives into the mix.  This is more likely to make this group lift beyond their current mood and enter a more productive mood.

Helping Those Actively Dis-engaged

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you love someone, set them free. If they return, they are yours forever. If they do not, they were never yours to begin with.”  Perhaps this is the best thing to do with people who are actively dis-engaged.Nudge forward

After all, these are people that know the inner workings of your business and are trying to sabotage these inner workings.  These are the people who on the weekend bore their friends stupid with moaning about work.  These are the ones that influence negatively all other employees.

You could of course try to turn them into an engaged employee.  If you were successful at this, then you would have probably a loyal and good employee.  They may possess the “reformed smoker” zeel that lifts more people with them.  But, this is no small task.  It wouldn’t be a singular event that enabled this to occur.  It would take wholesale cultural change.

Never-the-less, 3 Minute Angels services offer benefits to this group and to the business at large by giving this group a safe place to vent.  It is far better for these staff to describe their stressors and un-met expectations within a massage process than ‘poison the well’.


Deploy The Nudge

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