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If you don’t ask – you don’t know

‘If you don’t ask – you don’t know’ is a truism that we take to heart.  Here are the questions we ask you in order:

  • How do you feel?
  • What is your name?
  • Would you like a massage?
  • Do you have any injuries?
  • How is that pressure?

… 5 minutes later?

  • How do you feel now?

After Massage Mood

Still More Questions

After the massage has been delivered, there are still some questions we have for our clients.  The most important is: Any complaints?

This simple 2-word question is the key to finding out what clients liked and didn’t like.  Hearing nice things is always good.

“Everything went perfect thank you. The Angels were early so we got them distributed before the start time. They were great, please pass on my thanks. All the feedback has been positive. They just wished that the massages went longer! We will definitely be booking again in the future.” –Brad

“Thanks Bert, I should have rated mine higher. She was really good and I felt divine after a half hour to hour.” –Sarah

“Nothing but great feedback from everyone here in relation to the massages.  They were very friendly, amazing at what they did and worked the building in a really organised manner.  I will definitely be back in touch to get them to return in the near future.  Many thanks!” –Jo

Sometimes you need to hear the negative stuff too.  This keeps us up at night, gives us cause for concern and isn’t comfortable.  However, it is this uncomfortable stuff that forces us as a business to being better.

The Value of Negative Feedback

About 12 years ago, we were doing a booking for a conference stall-holder.  It was only a couple of Angels for a couple of hours.  But it was out of the metro areas and on the day we failed to deliver the goods – one Angel was late after getting lost and the other no-showed.

Naturally when we asked “Any Complaints?” there were some.

What we learned out of that was really valuable.  We learned that the client had spent nearly 10 times as much on the conference stall as they were spending on the Angels.  When the Angels weren’t there, it meant the investment in the stall was significantly affected.  The stall holder had no means of attracting people to their stall or getting them to stay and complete a form that would provide the contact details of the visitor.

When we stuffed up it wasn’t simply the cost of the Angels at stake.  It was the effectiveness of the clients’ whole stall at the conference.  We had cost the client more than a full refund or alternative shift.

We fortunately recognised this was a big issue and we have continued to improve all our processes and backed them up with a culture that is obsessed with making our clients feel ‘Divine’.

How 3 Minute Angels Deals With Complaints

We try and improve from our stuff ups.  If sometimes a stuff up can be rectified with an alternative visit at a different time or some other “make-good” then we do that.

But if we have stuffed up then we own up to it and encourage our clients to use the 110% Satisfaction Guarantee.

This Guarantee provides clients with their money back and penalises us for getting it wrong.  That small penalty though is enough of an incentive for several key things to happen internally on every job so that our clients get what they asked for, when they asked for it.

The 110% Satisfaction Guarantee is hardly ever used but by having it in place we are a better business to do massage with than our corporate competitors.

If you feel it’s time for massage at your workplace then take advantage of our great Prices and Get In Touch (pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022.

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