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Who is Xu?

If you look at the graph (below) Xu is near the middle.  They are the person who self-assessed their mood before the massage as ‘Divine’ and again at the end of the massage said they felt ‘Divine’.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 2.23.12 pm

What makes Xu Special

What makes Xu special is not that he felt Divine – (although we bet Xu is an amazing person) – it is what Xu did for the rest of the team that makes Xu so special.

If you notice all the people before Xu got a massage were self assessing their mood as ‘Very Stressed’ or ‘Stressed’ prior to the massage Xu had.

After Xu had a massage there was a considerable elevation in mood for everyone pre-massage.

This ‘halo’ effect across a community could be harnessed.  That is an opportunity that a manager might value, don’t you think?


If you look at the graph a little more, you will see there was another self reporting “Divine and Divine”, Andre (4th last massage of the day).

Andre provides a contrast to Xu.   Perhaps a negative ‘halo’ effect is shown from his scores.

After he reports being “Divine and Divine” the rest of the people following his massage (albeit only 3 people) report lower moods, heading again towards ‘Stressed’ moods.

So What Is The Difference Between Xu and Andre?

Unfortunately we do not know Andre or Xu…We can only speculate what makes them tick.

We can only guess at what made the people following Xu get happier and the people following Andre get more stressed.

However, we bet their leadership team could make some useful conclusions from this information.

That is why we at 3 Minute Angels include this information in each of our reports back to clients.  It is all part of the process for making sure we add value as a business and part of tangibly reporting the difference a massage can make.

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