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The Highlights Reel

This week, one of the key people in the massage industry and Wardy (our CEO) were out for lunch when the industry stalwart turned around and said:

“3 Minute Angels is like the movie trailer of a proper massage”

There is some debate in Angel HQ over the intention of these words.  Was it intended as an insult, accurate depiction or compliment?

Is it an insult?

Is the Halo Massage not a proper massage because it only goes for 5-minutes?

Is it not a proper massage because it focuses only on the neck and shoulders?

Is it not a proper massage because it is seated… you keep your clothes on… get it at work… or don’t lie down…

Is it not a proper massage because 3 Minute Angels changes the mood of 8-10 people in 1-hour, whilst “regular” massages can only help 1-person in 1-hr.

Is it an accurate depiction?

Even the best movies have movie trailers.

A full movie is obviously richer in detail and tells the whole story when compared with the movie trailer.

It has different function to the full movie and one usually precedes the other.

When was the last time you saw a movie when you hadn’t seen its movie trailer?

Short massage

Is it a compliment?

Movie trailers are fun to watch. In a short sequence of shots you get the gist of the whole movie.

The function of a movie-trailer is to educate the potential audience and hopefully inspire them to go see the full movie.

In much the same way, we have clients who get a 5-minute massage at work and then feel inspired to go for a longer massage.

If 3 Minute Angels performs this task for the massage industry, then that is a great service to our customers and the industry at large.

Only You Know

We may never know if the comment was an intended as insult, insight or compliment.  And it does not matter.

What matters is if – you – our clients enjoy your movie trailer experience that 3 Minute Angels provides (according to some).

There are plenty of movies where the trailer contains the only good bits of the entire movie.

There are also plenty of movies where the trailer didn’t do its job of educating you or inspiring you to action.  These movies go on to be box office flops.

We can only conclude it is up to our clients to decide if they want to see the movie after seeing the movie trailer.

If you’d like to get the 3 Minute Angels difference at your event or work then please get in touch (pardon the pun) 1300 662 022.