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Yes, it’s End of Financial Year

As June 30th approaches and you’re getting busy with stock-takes, budgets, accounts etc.

It can be quite stressful so we won’t make this a long post.  But we thought you should know…

If you buy massages this financial year, for next financial year, it might be sufficient volume to pick up a discount.


Buy In Bulk To Save

If you use 3 Minute Angels you should get familiar with our Pricing.   There are some savings for recurring and big orders that can make this investment go further.

Rewarding your staff for their hard work or thanking your clients just got even better!


Investing In Next Year Now

If you’re looking to spend some budget now then we can look after you into the new financial year.

Get In Touch (pardon the pun) if we can help – 1300 662 022