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How Do You Feel Now?

The most important question an Angel ever asks is ‘How Do You Feel Now?”

After Massage Mood

The answer tells us everything.

Well, nearly everything.

It tells us how good the experience was for our recipients.

Capturing That Angelic Touch

Some of our recipients are kind enough to give us the odd testimonial.

And of course we capture the mood of every individual we massage and include this in a report for our hirer.

This “report card” gives a picture of the whole job – the data, the images and the experience.

It’s all in an effort to provide tangibility to the massage experience.  Or in other words, demonstrate the value of hiring 3 Minute Angels.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 2.23.12 pm

Business Insight

How do you feel now? can also lead to business insights.  Check out this real data (above).

Recipient 9 (Xiu) was a pivotal presence in this company.  Self-Assessing as Divine at the start and the end of the massage, she must have had an affect on others since immediately following her massage most people self-assessed their pre-massage mood significantly higher than previous recipients.

Maybe now this information can be used to build a happier workplace.

If this the type of information that you’d like to see for yourself then Get In Touch – 1300 662 022