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Delighting Mum’s

The image below is fantastic.  It captures the delight in the face of one of our winners of The Working Mum of The Year competition.thankssmaller

Whilst it could be argued that the expression of delight was for the prizes.

THE SECRET to that delight was actually some long-awaited recognition.

Recognising Working Mum’s

Working Mum’s have to do more than their Working Dad equivalents in order to be seen in the same light.

There are some double standards.  Think about it.  When a Dad has their work-from-home interrupted by the kids, they can simply refer to this disruption with their colleagues as “Daddy day care”.  All at once it us understood (generally) that this is an occasional, embarrassing, inconvenient and unavoidable blip.  With this simple expression fathers get a “leave pass”.

The same result i.e kids interrupting a business call, does not get simply passed over by the phrase “Mummy day care”.  In fact if that sort of ‘problem’ persists for female employees, serious questions get asked about the ability of the Mum to do the role…

Super mother with newborn baby - cleaning, shopping, talking by phone, coocking, working, combing hair, making sport and doing pedicure at the same time. Multi super wife, beautiful lady

Change the game by saying “Thanks”

You and I may not be able to change the way the whole world works.

However, we can affect our little part.

One way we can do this is by recognising the Working Mum’s in our life and simply saying: “thanks”.

You’re acknowledgement – either as colleague or loved-one – can delight that Working Mum…and that is a start.

Say Thanks With Feeling

Obviously don’t say thanks out of obligation or because it’s expected of you.  Say “thank you” because you mean it.  Say thanks with feeling.  That means when face-to-face “say it like you mean it”.

If you want to take that extra step (beyond heartfelt gratitude and recognition) then you can also get them a massage that makes them feel recognised, valued and most importantly better.

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