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Every Day Wellness

Wellness is a culture thing.  Wellness is a habitual thing.  It’s a personal belief accepted on scale by the team.  Importantly though ‘Wellness’ is a verb – that is, if it is to be anything other than a buzzword.

Verbs are beliefs backed up with actions.  i.e we value feeling better – so we get massages.

Wellness Events Are Not Enough

Wellness is more than event based things like an annual flu shot, blood donation and participation in the City 2 Surf (although it probably includes these things).


Wellness is physical and mental.  It comes down to the environment and actual time and resources committed to it by employees.  Employers and managers can’t do Wellness to their employees.

Employees and team members must engage with Wellness directly.  And, not just on an annual basis.

Frequency Is Key

It’s no surprise that frequency is the key to unlocking Wellness.  Frequency builds habits and if the personal development movement has taught the world anything in nearly 100 years it is this: we are the sum of our habits.

So here is a cheat sheet of 12 things you can do each for the next month


Hourly Rituals

  • Stretches – every hour
  • Water – every hour
  • Smile – every hour

Daily Rituals

  • Walk 20 minutes – Daily
  • Fruit and Veg – Daily
  • 5-minute Mind-game every morning before work – Daily

Weekly Rituals

  • Workout / Yoga / Play sport for 1 hour – Weekly (more if you can)
  • Short Massage – Weekly
  • Team Member Mentoring – Weekly

Monthly Rituals

  • Full Body Massage – Monthly
  • Team Debrief – Monthly
  • Team Recognition – Monthly

Do this for 1-month and see the results of Wellness for yourself.

WARNING: This is NOT and event.  It is a Process.

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