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Touch A Teacher

Touch a teacher with a heartfelt 3 Minute Angels massage.

Teachers deserve a massage and with the end of term approaching it’s a great time to arrange a ‘thank you’ for this special group of workers.

Teachers deserve recognition for the great work that they do.

At a personal level every teacher is doing it for the kids and love of the job.  It’s never because of the pay.

We see the amazing transformations that have happened within their workplaces with digital technology and the increasing demands of parents.  We know this must be stressful and yet, they carry on with a smile on their face (99% of the time).

We think that very few if any other industry can claim to have risen to the times as well as teachers.  But, for this they need to be rewarded.

How To Touch A Teacher

From our experience, heartfelt “thanks” from parents and students is the BEST way to say “thank you”.

Another clear winner is getting the 3 Minute Angels into your school and give the teachers a post-shift or lunchtime massage.  (We also do pre-school and school functions)

As 3 Minute Angels, we are used to the school protocols when they purchase for themselves.

And, we can help when parents want to aggregate together and reward a class teacher or the whole team of staff with massage.

We understand, as a workplace, the specific needs of the bookings.  We have after all been doing this for 16-years.

So if you want to Touch A Teacher, then Get In Touch (Pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022 or talk with us on our website live chat feature.