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Caring Too Much

Being a carer can be back-breaking and heart-breaking work.Nurses Expectation

There are many thank-less tasks that any professional or volunteer carer does everyday.

These workplace stresses can build up so that ultimately the ‘carer needs caring for’.

Physically and Mentally Taking a Break

It may be a group of carers that care for you – or care for someone you love.

Carers’ may be a Nurse, Domestic Help, Occupational Therapist, Rehabilitation Consultant, Teacher, Health Practitioner or anyone of these things for part of the day each day.

What they all have in common is

  1. limited time
  2. neck and shoulder pain
  3. love feeling appreciated

You can treat them to a 5-15 minute massage and in that short time they will feel better, feel cared for by you and return to the work they love with extra spring in their step.

When You Say Thanks

Some days its more intense than others, some days it’s more tedious than others, but every day carers have to bring patience, strength and kindness with them to work.

Reward your team of carers with 3 Minute Angels Halo Massage in time for International Nurses Day on May 12.

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Nurses about to enjoy massages and some thanks