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Chocolate at Easter

We’re not trying to be the “Grinch” of Easter, in fact we personally LOVE Chocolates.  So if you want the best value Easter Eggs for your staff, go here.


Chocolate at Easter is such a weird concept.  Think about it…

Why does a bunny have an egg… Why is that egg made of chocolate… What has that got to do with Jesus dying?


Not everyone is Christian or celebrates Easter… Not everyone loves chocolate… In fact, some people are on a diet or want something healthy!


You have to think of a chocolate alternative that won’t break the bank.

If you think that’s an Egg-celent idea, then Get In Touch (Pardon the puns)

easter egg

If you can’t organise yourself for massages this Easter then try 3 Minute Angels out some other time.  Simply call 1300 662 022 or visit our site www.3MinuteAngels.com