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Having a coping mechanism doesn’t make you weak

Not all with coping mechanism make you weak.  Even so called ‘bad’ coping mechanisms can be good.

If yelling / crying or going silent is your coping mechanism.  Great, do it quickly.

If a drink is your coping mechanism.  Great, do it in moderation.

If talking with someone is yours.  Great, be ready to lend an ear when your friends need you too.

If distraction is your coping mechanism.  Great, play candy crush [insert other mindless activity] and set a timer.

If sensory stimulation, doing yoga, hitting the gym or going for a jog is your thing.  All power to you.

You’ve got to have a coping mechanism.  Every high-functioning person needs one.  It doesn’t make you weak.

Why this message now!

This week marked our company birthday.  One of our Co-Founders dearest friends, who was there at the dawn 3 Minute Angels is no longer with us – because he wasn’t coping.  He was a titan.

Also in the news this week former Wallaby – Dan Vickerman – another Titan – died at his own hands.

It’s more relevant than ever to have a coping mechanism.  Not having one is weak.

It’s a thing we need to talk about at home, work, school…life

And, if we don’t get conscious of the need for coping mechanisms, bad stuff, the worst stuff – happens.


It Doesn’t Have To Be RUOK day!

It doesn’t have to be an event like RU OK Day (which, by the way we love and support) where we bring to light the need for better communication, better coping mechanisms and a better society.

It can simply be a Wednesday or Thursday in a random week of any year that you’ll need a coping mechanism.

Get one and do it right.

Coping Mechanism

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Beyond Blue


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The Black Dog Institute


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