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Employees Taking Massage Into Their Own Hands

At 3 Minute Angels we have often wondered ‘how do we enable employees to lobby management in order to release budget for the massages they tell us they want’.  We never really came up with a solution, but you did.

A client (it’s a school so we can’t talk about them directly because of DET regulations) where the teachers decided to pool their money and treat themselves to massage.

They used a neat piece of crowdfunding software called a Tilt.

Essentially they created a Cause.  In this case massages by 3 Minute Angels

They recognised they needed some money and so set a budget.  They then promoted that to their colleagues until enough signed up and then they could afford the booking on their own.

Pretty cool, hey?

If you’d like massages at your work Get In Touch and if you’re worried the boss won’t pay for it but still want it.  Then try something like Tilt.