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Screaming Thanks

When someone says “Thank You” too loudly it is often embarrassing for the recipient as all the people in ear-shot turn around and stare.

Screaming “Thank You” can  make it about the person saying the words instead of the person supposedly receiving the thanks.  It can take some of the sincerity out of the words.


Whispering Thanks

It sounds strange but when you whisper “Thank You” it conveys with it a sense of sincerity, intimacy and closeness between the recipient and the person saying thanks.  The conversation is a shared experience.

Should You Shout About Your Employee Recognition

It is coming up to the end of year and companies are starting to think about end-of-year recognition for employees.

This recognition can go a long way to retaining staff during a holiday period when they might be considering other employment options.

This recognition could be a sizeable expense and will have to come out of some budget and be justified.

Some “people managers” turn to experiences like those offered with bright red balloons attached or an awkwardly-sized posh hampers as a means of saying thanks.  This is shouting.

Sometimes lavish dinners in black tie are provided to all employees at huge expense.  This is shouting.

Because of what is at stake many companies scream their Thank You just before the end of the year and then leave it another 12-months to scream again.



In short, a whispered thank you puts you on the same team and carries more weight than a scream.

How You Can Whisper “Thank You” With Massage

Utilising Massage in the workplace on a recurring basis is cheaper per employee than screaming Thank You.

What is more, it works all the time at retaining staff.  Massage done each month can consistently re-enforce a good feeling the employee has with being at work.

With Massage it whispers in an intimate way to each employee but can go company or department wide.

Instead of screaming Thank You, this year you should try whispering Thank You.  The easiest way to do this and to hold onto staff may be to provide each employee with proof that next year they’ll get monthly massages.

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