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What do you call this?

Tell us what you think it should be called and if your suggestion is picked by us and ultimately used, then we will reward you with…Massages, lots and lots of massages.  In fact, you’ll be able to shout your whole office massages every week for the rest of the year.  (See below for more details).

Massage Tool

What Do You Think Of Massage Tools?

Within the Massage Industry there is some debate about the use of Massage Tools?

One school of thought is that anything but hands misses the gentler energy exchanges between therapist and recipient.   The argument goes that it encourages lax attitudes and is counter to the idea of “touch” as therapy.  This school of thought views Tools and an inhibition to the massage.

Another school of thought is that anything that helps the massage experience should be considered.  Some therapists credit their ability to provide 2 extra massage per day as a direct result of tools lessening the fatigue on their own body.  Clearly the use of Massage Tools in this case, is something that helps massages take place that otherwise wouldn’t have.  It keeps skilled practitioners in the industry longer.

During the Olympics there was plenty of attention on “Cupping”.  Those familiar with the process will know it uses suction to lift muscles as opposed to massage which compresses muscles.  The suction effect leaves the welts that were visible (usually giant circular hiccies).


3 Minute Angels and Massage Tools

At 3 Minute Angels our regular Halo Massage does not involve tools at all.  We are mindful of not applying too much pressure in a short massage and so we discourage our Angels from using Massage Tools.

But recently we thought we’d start offering massage with the as yet to be named Massage Tool.  This tool may be a compliment to the massage without being an injury risk.  What is more the tool could actually help people a lot.

There is plenty to suggest that the resonating quality of this tool added at the end of the massage will lock in the feel good feeling of massage for longer and deeper in the recipient.

Check out the physics behind this tool.

What Shall We Call It? – The Details

So, by now you know that we are considering the use of a Massage Tool to compliment our Halo Massage.

We are looking for a better name than “orgasmatron” which is too sexualised for the device.  So we are putting it to you: what should we call it?

If you have a suggestion then this is what you need to do

Step 1. Come up with a name

Step 2. Introduce yourself on live chat and give us or your suggestion

or Step 2 b) email us on jen at 3 (the numeral) minute angels dot com

Step 3. Wait and we’ll respond asking for your details should your suggested name for the Massage Tool be selected.

If your suggested name is the one with go with then we will provide you with 1 Angel for 2-hours every week between now and December 25th.  This will make you the office legend.

Of course, you’ll also get to experience the massage with one of these devices so you can feel the result of your creative work once done.

We will pick only one winner and it will be the decision of 3 Minute Angels management.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this and good luck.  We look forward to your suggested names.