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10 reasons staff love corporate massage

Perhaps corporate massage is what you should give staff this time instead of next time.

Staff suffer from workplace stress –> massage cures and relieves stress


Staff require human connection –> this is best provided by Angels not co-workers

Creepy massage by Bush

Staff love the physical process of massage –> massage promotes good health and circulation.

Staff can’t get depressed –> massage promotes endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine.  When those chemicals are present you can’t be depressed.

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Staff are happy –> Massage promotes wellness, gratitude, happiness and peace.

Before and After

Staff get more energy –> Massage is a great way to change the energy of workplace

Staff get to vent and relax –> Massage therapists are valued for their work on muscles, but often being a sympathetic, caring ear for someone is just as important


Staff get effective recognition –> Massage provides a feel good factor across all staff

Staff get effective breaks –> 5-minutes of massage is cheap compared to a day-off.


Staff get the connection between brain and body –> linking the feel-good of massages at work with the feel-good of the massage itself


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