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3 Minute Angels loves everything about Harley Davidson.

Harley and Angels (1)


The Harley Davison motorcycle with its distinctive look and feel is cool.  This coolness has elevated the brand to icon status.  We’re pretty sure their logo adorns merchandise of every shape, size and material known to mankind.

The brand is something most people think is cool, even if they haven’t experienced the product firsthand.

There is something about the “bystander experience” that involves you.  There is a feeling you get when a Harley is passing you.  It sounds different to every other bike.  They should trademark that low gutteral noise if they can.  It is instantly recognised.  It means something to people who don’t even own the bike.

About 12 years ago 3 Minute Angels did our first piece of work with Harley Davidson via the Harley Owners Groups or “Hogs”.  These are groups of huge diversity (not a bikie gang) who come to help one another out.

(Hog is also slang word for the motorcycle)

The HOG’s get together to ride once in a while but mostly get together to swap stories and help the company out when it comes to the “Harley experience”.

More recently we have been massaging the Harley Davidson head office and it was suitably cool.  Check out the ping pong table behind the Angel.

Our Angel Stefanie (pictured below with a Harley employee) said “That was the most fun shift I’ve had yet.  I loved their office and the people were really cool”

Shift at Harley Davidson ?

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