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Stress is a part of the animal qualities we evolved in response to living on plains watching for predators. A real response to an external threat. Stress is part of the readiness we need for “fight or flight”.


Worry is a part of the human condition. It’s often imagined threats that could happen and not actual imminent physical threats.


The same chemical reaction derives in your brain and surges through your body with worry as it does stress.

Stress and Worry Cause The Same Response

Counteracting Stress and Worry

Mindfulness and Massage are the simple solutions to Stress and Worry, but being simple doesn’t make them easy.

You will find it easier to be stressed and worried than you will to be mindful.

Its counter-intuitive but in today’s society being Mindful remains an “alternative” idea.  Being in the midst of worry and stress is considered “normal”.

The professional world rewards the person who appears busiest.  

There is positive adulation of the “overwhelmed”, “frantic”, adrenalin-inducing work practices of busyness.  That adulation remains true as long as you are coping.

If however you are feeling down from all the workplace-induced stress and societally-induced worry then there is stigma attached to that…so people just get busier and ignore early warning signs…waiting for a burnout, mental-health or physical-health issue that forces them to stop.

Part of the answer of course is Mindfulness.  Simple, but not easy.

The Simple Solution

Far easier than changing the world and getting Mindful is getting massage.  Massage releases chemicals that directly counter the stress response chemical.  These “good chemicals” come free with every massage purchased.

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