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Mood-enhancing, mid-morning break with Angels + Tea beats the usual office ‘lull’.

Do you find by mid-morning you have the “GRUMPS” ?

You’re not sure….It could be your colleagues…the workload…or the coffee wearing off…

Does the whole office go into a lull at mid-morning?

Instead of going for another coffee or trudging through an unproductive few hours, you could take a break with mood-enhancing Angels and a cup of tea.

Mood-enhancing, mid morning tea = The Halo Massage + your choice from the T-Sips range.


Simply order Angels as usual and for any bookings scheduled before March 17th, that will start before midday, and you get a BONUS T-Sips Caddie (20 pyramid bags per caddie RRP $15) absolutely on us.  Your choice includes:

  • Ceylon Tea
  • Classic Green Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Green Tea, Pear and Jasmine

If you’re thinking this sounds familiar, then You are right.  We did a similar thing with Messina ice cream not so long ago.  Only, we think Tea is more appropriate at mid-morning.

What are you waiting for, let’s end the mid-morning slump and replace it with productivity, energy, engagement and Angels.