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As we approach Valentine’s Day some interesting things about “love at work” came to our attention.

40% of Relationships that culminate in marriage start in the workplace (including colleagues and clients).  Whereas Tinder doesn’t often result in Love.

9% of workplaces have policy on handelling relationships in the workplace.  That means 91% have put this issue in the “too hard” basket.  We can understand this given its very difficult to know how a workplace should interfere in such a personal decision.  This becomes even more likely when >50% of all extra marital affairs involve work-mates.

Yes, you could find love amongst the 16000 Tinder Swipes per second but more than likely the person who is right for you could be sitting nearby.

Of course, if the love you find at work goes bad it could result in the following issues.

  1. Less chance for career advancement
  2. Colleagues being confused or concerned by behaviour
  3. Conflict of interest
  4. Stress and anxiety if it doesn’t work out

So most of the time it will be easier to stick with Tinder.

Love at Work


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