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On this day in 2002, Steven Bradbury won Australia’s first ever Winter Olympic Gold Medal.  Below is a video of him claiming victory with his commentary over the top.

Many Australian’s are proud of Steven’s achievement because he was in the race, had done the training, was doing what he loved and stayed out of trouble when competitors got dirty.  As such, when they all fell, he cruised to victory and got the gold.  A great Aussie success helped by a bit of luck.

Some Australian businesses also see the humour in the way he won.  Doing a “Steve Bradbury” has gone on to become a lexicon within 3 Minute Angels.  (We established a few days after in the same year he won, 2002).

We often refer to “doing a Steve Bradbury” when we ‘win’ by some degree of good fortune.  This doesn’t always mean our competitors have to fall over, but when that is the case, it just adds to the comedy.

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about our latest Steven Bradbury moment.

In September 2015, 3 Minute Angels was pitching our sister business, Get Angels Now, to the investment committee of Sydney Angels.  (A group of high net worth investors that like to buy stakes in the “next hot thing”).

It was a high stakes event. From hundreds of applicants we were being screen face to face from 6 and would be vetted down to just 3.  Our CEO (me) hadn’t done the work in preparing for the pitch.  We didn’t make the cut… and so had for all intents and purposes missed out on pitching directly to 70-so investors about our new business..

…we came in 4th place and so when one of the top 3 had a change in business structure, we suddenly got elevated and got to pitch the investors.

The story in line with a true Bradbury experience continues with us delivering a much better pitch and securing the investment funds.

That was our latest Steven Bradbury moment.  They don’t happen often but when they do it’s worth celebrating.

On this day in 2002 Steven not only won Gold, he won a permanent place in the vocabulary of an Australian massage company that continues to this day with “turning up”, “being in the race” and “loving our living”.

Be like Steve.

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