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The Incredible Versatility of Massage

Massage is an incredibly versatile tool that client offices use for differing issues that they want to address.  We think of massage as the multi-tool or “swiss army knife” of tools in an office environment.

Swiss army knife


Massage is a way for managers to let their staff know they are appreciated.  Staff get to feel good and know that is how they should feel at work.   Massage is a simple and well-liked way to say “thank you”.

Everyone feels better when they feel appreciated.  Showing your gratitude as a boss or manager makes inherent sense when dealing with people.  Using massage as your medium to say “thank you” is effective and proven.


The office is often a sterile environment – air con, computer screens, fluorescent lighting etc make the work place an unnatural environment.  A few plants doesn’t cut through this artificial environment.

Work is work.  It isn’t play.  It can be repetitious and tedious and frankly this can become monotonous and “boring”.

Managers that are alert to this issue often use the human-to-Angel interactions that come along with our massages to bring “fresh air” and energy back into the workplace.

In 5-minutes (the time it takes to massage) we often have people self-reporting feeling ‘Very Happy’ or ‘Divine’.  This better mood lifts the energy of the office.


The facts speak to engagement being the key factor in performance at work.  Financial incentives go a long way to getting engagement, but psychologically getting paid become a “standard” of doing the job and not an “extra” that makes people feel engaged.

There are plenty of tools for generating engagement from staff – Reviews, Management Style, Incentives, Rewards and Recognition Programs etc, but massage remains so popular because it works.

Massage works for staff enagement because staff associate the good feeling from the massage with work.  It works quickly too.

If you need to make an important announcement to staff – then do it with massage and take advanatge of the increased engagement at the time.

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Swiss Army Knife of Massage