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At 3 Minute Angels we never like to talk down any Angels, but there are some great Angels that have stood out.  That were always getting good reviews and so we thought we’d distill the Angel “super powers” from one of our best (Nancy) and see what makes a great interaction possible.

You can teach massage but not personality

Nancy has been an Angel for 7-years and is a fascinating character.

  • She’s a qualified therapist, which is no surprise
  • She’s also a rock and roll wrestler, which is a surprise

Meeting an Angel is meeting a ‘person’ and all of us have our own unique “story”.

Nancy is a multi-talented, hard-worker that is not afraid of physical work and giving something a go.  She looks for fun.

Nancy shared some tips for great interactions with the other Angels and they are paraphrased below.


All our customers are virgins.

“All our customers are virgins” doesn’t mean our customers haven’t had sex.  It is provided within the context of working as an Angels does.

During an Angel shift, you may massage 50+ people.  It’s possible to get interaction fatigue.  Especially when you can have the same start to a conversation “Gee, it’s hot today…”

The important point for great Angels is: it may be the Angel’s 20th time having this chat, but it is this recipients first time. Hence, “all our customers are virgins”.

A great Angel recognises the risk of interaction fatigue – and so instead of falling into a tedious call-and-response style of meaningless conversation with the client, the Angel takes the conversation and elevates it.

Personality personalises.

Nancy loves comic book hero’s and so often ends up asking customers who their favourite comic book hero is. This brings the client back to positive childhood memories and makes a better experience.  She’ll often follow up with questions like: “If you could have any super power?…”

It doesn’t take much to move a conversation from “Gee, its hot today” to “Captain America would best Deadpool” and that’s what makes an Angel like Nancy great.


You can’t give what you don’t have.

Nancy is best described as: relaxed, happy and confident. I’m sure she has times when she’s not always these things, but generally speaking, all great Angels, like Nancy, are relaxed, happy and confident.

Nancy explains: “It is a bit like lending money when you’re an Angel dealing with customers 1 on 1.  You can only lend money to the other person if you have it.  The same goes for things like emotional energy.  You can only give what you actually have.  If you are relaxed happy and confident then you can give this to others.  If you are not these things then it is very difficult.  No one wants a nervous, anxious, downer giving them a massage”.

The Angel makes a HUGE difference to the customer experience.

The standard ability of any massage product is – or should be – to make the recipient feel better.

But, it is the Angels attitude above all else (including the massage quality) that makes the difference between a Good and Divine experience for each customer.

Valuing Divine interactions between the Angels and the clients is what makes 3 Minute Angels a better company each day.

If you are interested in having a “Nancy” in your workplace or at your next event or conference.

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