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– 3 Minute Angels with Spalding Sporting Goods

It’s nearly International Happiness Day and so we thought we’d let you know the secret behind why Angels are always so happy.

There’s a reason Angels are usually described by clients as “lovely”, “gorgeous” and “divine”.

The reason is Oxytocin. When massaging we release oxytocin in our clients and this in turn releases oxytocin in the Angels.

Oxytcocin is a brain chemical that is produced during intimacy, massage and joy. It’s strongly associated with trust, love and joy as you would expect.

Once set-off in your brain it elevates your mood and makes you feel (chemically you change) happier. As part of our evolution as social creatures the “oxytocin effect” has developed.

The oxytocin effect is the phenomenon whereby one persons Oxytocin release causes a witness to have oxytocin release. The effect on our Angels therefore gets re-enforced with each new massage they provide in a shift.

That’s why we look for Angels that are buzzing at the end of a shift and not the ones who feel depleted or exhausted (even though massage is quite physically hard work).

When the Angels set off oxytocin in clients making the client feel happy they also set off the oxytocin in their own body. Naturally the client and Angel whilst simultaneously feeling the oxytocin effect form a trust bond. They each feel happier and that’s why clients usually report that Angels are “happy”.

You don’t have to wait for International Day of Happiness as outlined by the UN General Assembly on the 20th of March to feel happier you can feel happier by getting some Angels in your office. Contact us for your booking to be tailored to your specific needs.

PS: Just a gentle reminder we are running a pre-sales campaign on The Divine Truck, which could take massage down a new road (literally, actually and metaphorically speaking). www.3MinuteAngels.com/The-Divine-Truck