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Failure is necessary to eventually succeed, but it can also take a huge toll emotionally.

The emotional benefits of massage are really powerful. Unfortunately these emotional benefits are often ignored because the physical benefits for your body and of de-stressing are often ‘louder’ during the massage.

In just 5-minutes of massage, 14% of our recipients in offices go from self-assessing as “Very Stressed” to self-assessing as “Divine”. That’s one in six people in your office right now who are feeling at their worst, and could be at their best.  Massage is a powerful, positive “mood lifter” because of oxytocin, a special hormone in your brain.

Increasing oxytocin helps you to accept and process things in your life, because without oxytocin – the chemical for love, trust, joy and bliss – the world looks darker and more threatening.

If you have had a recent FAIL then it can depress your oxytocin levels.  That single event if allowed to go untreated can develop into a “failure mentality” over time.  You may end up in extreme cases feeling depressed and hopeless.

Why feel like a failure when perhaps all you actually need is some massage?

Contact us to book a massage for yourself or you team, and see just how bright the future can be.

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