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It’s very rare that prices decrease for products and services over time. However, we at 3 Minute Angels are bucking that trend and are reducing the rates for many of our current and prospective clients.

If you’re booking more than 16 hours of services from 3 Minute Angels your price is reduced saving you $18/Angel for every hour. You’ll pay $70/hr +GST instead of $88/hr.

3 Minute Angels is also providing better value packages and passing on the cost savings to clients in the form of reduced rates.

How Are We Saving You Money Without Exploiting Our Angels

When you purchase a half-day with a single Angel (5-hours on-site and 4.5 hours massaging) it costs less than if the client wants to buy 2 Angels for 2.5 hours (5-hours in total).

3 Minute Angels can offer this reduced price because we can offer Angels longer shifts. We still pay our Angels the same rate, it’s just we need less of them to cover the same number of hours and this means recruitment and training costs will decrease and our retention rates will increase. This makes it a win all round.

Of course, what is true for the half-day package is also true to an even greater extent for the full-day package. With the savings we make being passed on to you.