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As a previous client of 3 Minute Angels, with staff having our famous Halo Massage™ in the workplace, when it came to thinking of ways to add that special touch to their staff conference, they called us.

Wanting to have something special for delegates after their 8-hour staff conference, the client came to 3 Minute Angels with the idea of having Angels give Halo Massage™. However, there was an even better way to make a much bigger positive impact on the day.

To deliver 27 Halo Massages™ would only take three Angels an hour. All staff would need to be in a shared space and although would benefit from the energising bliss of a Halo Massage™ we thought there could be more we could do to make staff feel special. That’s why we suggested our sister business, Angel Massage.

The conference had 27 delegates and although initially the client were looking to energise delegates with 5-minutes of Halo Massage™ post conference, when they used a cost/care consideration, the decision was clear, they should in fact give each delegate a Full Body Massage from Angel Massage.

The booking is to date Angel Massage’s biggest single booking (by Angel count) and it was a huge visual impact to see 27 Angel Therapists surprise 27 staff as their conference ended; each getting their own individual hour of bliss!

“The activity was a huge success and everybody enjoyed their massages. (I’ve even had some people say it was the best massage they’ve ever had!). I’ve only heard positive feedback and everyone was very impressed that we managed to get 27 therapists there”
– Client Representative

Angel Massage, the Full Body Mobile Massage sister of 3 Minute Angels, suited the client’s delegates and meant that a hugely positive impact was made on their state of mind, post conference and prior to their evening meal.

Halo Massage™ from 3 Minute Angels is fantastic, it hits the spot and gives a burst of energy whilst feeling divine. However when there are a small number of recipients it can all be over fairly quickly. If like our client you want to make a huge personal impact on staff in an intimate workplace, or delegates at a small-medium conference or event, Full Body Massage can make it special.

For more photos of the event, see the Angel Massage Facebook Page by clicking here.