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Did you know that 50% of all cancer deaths are from Rare and Less Common Cancers?

Andrew Ward, founder and CEO of 3 Minute Angels, vowed to not cut his hair until his father recovered from Cancer.

Bruce Ward, Andrew’s dad, lost his battle with Cancer two years ago. He passed away from a Rare Cancer.

Andrew’s hair remained uncut until last weekend.

In order to raise funds for Rare Cancers Australia, and to bring a smile back to his mum’s face, Andrew, or Wardy as he’s known to friends and family, decided to set up a donation page and auction the votes for cutting or not cutting his hair.

With over $4,000 raised and the ‘yays’ winning, he went through with the haircut, but he added a little twist!

Now sporting what he has dubbed a ‘RareCut’, Wardy will continue to raise money for the next month. If you think his RareCut is worthy of a donation or would like to know more about the cause then please click here.

Want to see what happened?

Watch the whole video of the RareCut, click play below. Or to jump ahead (6 mins in) to the twist click here.