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Yesterday was Go Home On Time Day. Did you?

The idea behind the day, organised by The Australia Institute, was to encourage those of us who work on at the office, to instead put down our pens (or turn off our computers) and go home on time.

Each year, Australians work more than 2 billion hours of unpaid overtime. Around half of all employees work more hours than they are paid for. On average, a typical employee works 49 minutes of unpaid overtime per day. For full-time workers, the average daily amount of unpaid work takes more than one hour. Overwork can have negative consequences for your physical and mental health, your relationships with loved ones and your sense of what is important in life.

Do you Overwork? Or are you hard working?


Perhaps your job is such that leaving ‘on time’ just isn’t an option, there is no start or finish time, nor a clear definitive line between work and life. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you’re dedicated, that’s good. However how you manage your Overwork, the potentially consequential stress, and your (however limited) downtime, becomes vitally important.

Massage, through producing a state of relaxation, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, thus beginning to reduce the stress hormones circulating in your body from the sympathetic nervous system. Therefore, regular massage helps you manage stress and may even be able to help avoid serious health conditions caused by long-term stress.

If you regularly don’t Go Home On Time, then why not ensure you and your colleagues are at least taking positive action to manage stress and the potential consequences of Overwork? Have Angels visit your workplace to deliver 5-minutes of bliss in the form of our Halo Massage™. If you want to go further, or perhaps want to focus more on your own personal health and wellbeing; consider regular full-body massage, delivered at a location to suit you, from our sister company Angel Massage.

Working hard and putting in the hours to get the job done isn’t necessarily bad, it can cause stress and whilst stress in itself isn’t a bad thing, how you manage that stress is important.

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Darren @ 3 Minute Angels