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We can do better. Like most businesses. It’s not that we do our business badly, far from it, but we are always looking to improve where we can.

It dawned on me though; how many businesses ask their clients where they can do better? Surely clients are in the best position to give input on such a thing? – So, I’m asking…

Help us do better and you will earn free massage hours.

> We have created a public Google Sheet where any of our wonderful clients can list a suggestions

> Each suggestion that you list that we can “action” will earn you 1 hour of massage.

> To avoid duplicate suggestions we ask you glance over those already submitted.

> To avoid ambiguity of the term “action”, Andrew Ward (Founder & CEO) will be monitoring the suggestions and commenting on each defining if it can be “actioned” or if not, why not.

You can redeem your free massage hours with 3 Minute Angels (at work or an event) or via Angel Massage (long-format, full-body massages).

Submit your suggestion before Friday to qualify: Click here

Thank you in advance,

Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward




PS. If you’d rather email me directly that’s fine. Email Me.