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It’s been 8-years now that we have been drawing attention to the Working Mums of Australia. Each year we get the same feedback from guys. Usually it’s that we don’t recognise Working Dads. That’s its reverse sexism and that they miss out. 

Some cynics might argue and say they get the benefit of the other 364 days of the year. 

Let’s not be cynical and let’s instead just be grateful. 

Men in the workplace, we have a lot to be grateful for. 

When a Mum comes to work it’s a big deal. When she has to put the key nurturing role and breadwinning role into balance it’s a big deal. 

When she runs the office like a family and keeps the bonds and discipline in place it’s a big deal. 

There are some Working Mums that manage to be “best-on-field” at work and excel at raising their own kids and very often also manage elderly or ailing relatives into the bargain. 

We don’t need men to be cynical. We need them to be grateful. 

Guy’s get behind this and nominate the Working Mum Of The Year. Simply tell us who you nominate and why? The Working Mum of 2014 will get full body massages, pamper packages, nutrition consultations and more valued at $3000. 

Nominate now. Show your gratitude.

Kind regards,

Working Mum of the Year 2014
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