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We asked Arch Angel Mark why he thought Angel Massage made a good gift. Here’s what he said…

If you’re looking to ‘woo’ someone, get some attention or just give a great gift, then you’ve probably considered the importance of standing out and thought “How can I be different?”

There is a big difference between ‘good-different’ and ‘bad-different’. Like the way chocolate coated pumpkin seeds are great, but chocolate cheese is just plain wrong!

When something is ‘good-different’ it cuts-through, stands-out, is unique. When something is ‘bad-different’ it is unfamiliar, weird and often poorly received.

If you’re wanting to send a special gift, one that stands out, one that lets that someone special feel just how much you care, then Angel Massage is perfect.

Angel Massage is ‘good-different’, because everyone knows of Angels, and as a result you can have confidence that your message and the massage will be delivered as desired.

Turning-up with your own massage table and a bottle of baby oil; that’s ‘bad-different’.

If you want to come across as ‘good-different’, use Angel Massage to deliver the message that lets them feel special. Find out more. You can even request a massage from Arch Angel Mark.

Arch Angel Mark
Angel Massage

PS. Not all our Angels & staff agree with Mark’s assessment of chocolate cheese. Do you?