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Going to work, in an office, from 9am to gone 5pm Monday to Friday, is how one should work. Or so we’re led to believe. Who decided this? When?

Many people find they can get more done in an hour or two at home than an entire day in the office. How can this be? Perhaps it’s because they can focus in a comfortable environment without distraction from others they’re forced to share a workspace with. Are these people more productive by nature? Or a minority that buck the trend of the 40-hour work week being superior?

Personally I like to work when I’m in the mood to work. If I’m not in the headspace to be innovative, creative or productive, there’s not a lot I’m going to get done. I would just be a culprit of presenteeism, present for the sake of being present.

How about you? Are you a 9-5 person or have more of a work/life blur?

Not everyone given the freedom to work when they ‘feel like it’ would prove to be great employees. I’m fairly driven. I like to be busy, and I like to work. I am an action person. Others are not. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile, as the saying goes.

In previous articles shared with the world via Workplace Incentives we’ve touched on topics such as the craziness in Paying Employees For Time Not Results, and how there is a belief that More Time Equals More Productivity. I think paying employees for results, or at least for when they’re actually working, makes a lot of sense. I also know I can be very productive in a short space of time and quite unproductive if given a long time to complete something. There’s actually a theory behind it; Parkinson’s Law “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.

…and so we come to the point of this blog post: Are You Working Too Much?

If you’re racking up 40+ hours a week I’d hazard a guess as to yes, you probably are. Unless you’re productive for the entirety of that time. Are you?

The topic of working hours was recently researched by Officevibe, who also investigated the origins of the 40-hour workweek. They pose the question “Is a 40 hour workweek really necessary?” Spoiler alert: It isn’t! Find out more by clicking here.

How does your workplace manage time? Are you paid by time or results? Do you find you’re productive all day every day? Let us know in the comments below.