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Happy April Fools! Be sure to take everything anyone says to you today with a pinch of salt.

Don’t be a fool, be a winner! With our special ‘April Fools Day Only’ offer. Plus, help me pull a prank on our technical team…

On our website, I’ve hidden this crazy fellow –>>

All you have to do, much like our Easter Egg Hunt last year (which may be back this year), is find him!

The prize? 104 hours of massage credit! (1/04 – clever eh!)

But first, let everyone you know in on the offer (I’m sure they’ll share the prize with you) by sharing our Facebook and/or Twitter post.

Our website should just about cope with the traffic, but our technical team will lose their Halos!

How to enter:

1. Tell your friends about the offer by sharing our Facebook status (here) or our Twitter update (here). 

2. Get hunting on our website! When you find that Crazy April Fool ^ take a screenshot & email us.

A winner will be chosen from a successful entry tomorrow! You have to share & email screenshot to enter.

Best of luck,
Darren, 3 M A-TEAM