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It has been reported in a recent study, that the average worker (in this case British) experiences a case of ‘Desk Rage’ twice a day…

We’ve all experienced it, whether it’s a colleague or the computer, sometimes something trivial can push you over the edge! However getting stressed and experiencing rage twice a day is not healthy. If only there was a way to relax staff and keep the workplace stress-free with positive feeling…

Is Desk Rage a regular feature in your workplace?

There are a variety of things that can trigger Desk Rage but the top 20 are below. Are they what you’d expect? Is there something missing that really gets you fuming at work? Let us know in the comments…

Top 20 office niggles

  1. Computer crashing
  2. Colleague claiming credit for your work
  3. Rude client
  4. People talking when you’re trying to concentrate
  5. The printer won’t work
  6. Someone borrows your desk and leaves it a mess
  7. The boss fails to thank you for your hard work
  8. The phone constantly ringing
  9. People who misread / don’t read emails properly
  10. You learn a colleague has been bad mouthing you
  11. Others sucking up to the boss
  12. Being overlooked for a pay rise in favour of someone else
  13. People who gossip
  14. You are refused a pay rise despite not having one for years
  15. People who spend time on Facebook and Twitter when they should be working
  16. People who spend time surfing the net when they should be working
  17. Someone sits at your desk without asking
  18. Colleagues who take long smoking breaks
  19. Untidiness
  20. Not having time for a lunch break