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According to some, the Mayan calander predicts that the worlds last day is 20-12-2012.

So we thought what better way to see out the end of the world than to have Angels by your side?!

Not only is December 21st the end of the world, it is also a Friday which means it’s the end of the working week! Plus, seeing as none of us are apparently making it to the 25th this year, it might as well be Christmas!

Angels certainly look set to be busy this December (one way or another) so book them NOW for your workplace pre-Friday night out…for your last working day before Christmas party…or for your end of world celebration / goodbye party!

Book ANY Workplace Incentives or 3 Minute Angels product, service, or solution before December 21st to receive the same booking FOR FREE in 2013!*

*Provided the world still exists post December 20-12-2012

When Booking Quote: “THE END IS NIGH”

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