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Workplace Health and Safety Requirements

At it’s most basic, an employer has an obligation to:

  1. Identify any workplace hazards;
  2. Demonstrate to employees how to safely fulfil their duties and role;
  3. Provide safety equipment when needed;
  4. Provide all new employees with a WHS induction;
  5. Take reasonable and necessary steps to avoid workplace injuries;
  6. Provide a safe work premises; and
  7. Assess risks and implement appropriate measures for controlling them.

These things are required by law, providing these as an employer doesn’t (and shouldn’t) give you any kudos with employees.

What Employees Respond To

Everyone responds to people that care, people that are authentic and people who want the best for them. Put another way, it is people who make them feel loved that people respond to best.

Your team's entitled to WHS, love is a choice