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  • We recognise the importance of human contact to good health and wellbeing.
  • We’ve found that people respond to hugs with physical and mental relief.
  • Hugging stimulates the bodies natural endorphins and feel-good chemicals.  These kick in and make you feel better.
  • Often one of our specially trained “Angel-huggers”, finds themselves being a friendly ear too.

Over the course of 1-hour you can customise your experience to include short massages, conversation, hugs (in popular upright and lateral positions).  You can enjoy the care of touch when you don’t have it.

You can book an “Angel-hugger” by the hour $99/hr plus travel.

Creeps Beware

We want to avoid creeps and only assist those who genuinely feel: “I want a hug”.

Prior to services and for the safety of our Angel-huggers.  You should know…

  1. This is fully-clothed-at-all-times professional service.
  2. There’s no “happy-endings”, theres no “hanky panky” in fact if you try and create that situation for our staff like this, then the services will cease and you’ll be charged for the full rate.
  3. There’s a AngelHuggerAgreement.doc where you agree to absolutely no sexual activity.
  4. There’s 100 points of identification required prior to booking that will be used to verify you prior to services.
  5. There’s pre-payment and no refunds available if the service is cut short.
  6. The Angel-huggers are there to be positive influence and help people who need “tactile therapy” they are not an escort, prostitute or other form of companionship.  They are trained to understand what constitutes behaviour that breaches the contract you will sign and what constitutes their legal rights.

In short, if you would like to be a creep, be a creep somewhere else.