Full-body Massage from Angel Massage

3 Minute Angels offer conference massage, event massage, wedding massage, hen’s massage and our most popular corporate massage for all of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth!

Providing 5, 10, or 15 minutes of bliss, our trademarked Halo Massage ™ consists of a seated short format upper back, shoulder, and neck massage. Designed to help energise staff by alleviating workplace stress and fatigue; or add that special touch to an event.

Whether it be work-based office massages, a corporate function, promotional event, national pr campaign, helping to energise conference attendees, or adding a special feel-good experience to a wedding reception or hen’s party, choose 3 Minute Angels and our Halo Massage™.

Interested in more than a short format massage? Well now you can book full-body massages from our sister, Angel Massage! There’s a selection of a 1-hour Celestial Massage, a 2-hour Wellness Massage, or a double therapist 2-hour Double Divine Massage! Visit Angel Massage now.

Not interested in massage right now but interested in other workplace activities? Check out our range of workplace wellness experiences such as Yoga, Meditation, Exercise and more! All available for workplaces in Australia from Angel Wellness and Angel Experiences.