Zen Zones

Zen Zones

At 3 Minute Angels we developed the Zen Zone to provide a flexible physical space for activating a brand or location. A Zen Zone is perfect for the the provision of massage and other complimentary services.


The Zen Zones have been used within Westfield shopping centres and are now also available for hire. You might hire this if you have
– A building foyer with space that could be made more attractive or be better utilised
– A major event, tradeshow or exhibition exhibitor looking for a way to differentiate your offering.
– A brand looking for a promotional space as well as massage

The Zen Zone is a customisable space that comfortably allows 4 Angels to provide a seated massage.

The privacy and branding space provided on the walls provides extra value and attention to any marketing efforts.

The Zen Zone does not have to be used exclusively for the provision of massages. For example within Westfield the space became a multi-sensory experience with VR, Tea, and essential oils.

Example with VR and Tea

Testimonial on Activation for T-Sips

Interaction for T-Sips


Pricing information is available obligation free.  Prices are negotiable based on several factors like duration, location, transport costs, bump-in and bump-out times, marketing and printed materials, use of 3 Minute Angels services, use of other services etc.

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Like something more permanent?

The Zen Zone detailed above is temporary.  We also have a permanent Zen Zone that can be deployed with notice.

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